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This practice  DOES NOT perform routine Exams, scales, fillings, conventional (non implant related) crown & bridge, dentures, orthodontics etc.

Located in a new residential suburb approximately 2km from the M5 - M7 interchange, we are well situated to service greater South Western Sydney and beyond. With no traffic or parking issues, your patients will have one less cause for stress.

With Cone Beam CT and piezo electric surgery units on site, we are focused and dedicated to dento-alveolar and implant surgery.


As a referral supported Practice, it is intended that the referring dentist decides if  they will perform the restorative ( Crown, bridge or denture) part of treatment after implant surgery. The patient is returned to their dentist for this after the surgical phase. If your practice does not support implant treatment then both surgical and restorative treatments can be accommodated in-house at this practice.

Implant treatment is becoming the standard of care, particularly when the adjacent teeth are unrestored. Consequently, extractions should be considered and planned carefully to facilitate optimum implant placement and aesthetics. The extraction of a failed tooth and roots and immediate placement of an implant is highly successful and has many advantages, offering significant benefits in reducing morbidity and the number of surgical procedures, saving time and often associated cost. With this in mind, it is ideal if an implant consult precedes any extraction where an implant is considered. Any acute infection and pain should be relieved by extirpation & temporisation with adjunctive antibiotics if required. Here at Modern Dental Solutions, we have a variety of methods to atraumatically remove broken teeth & roots to best preserve bone.

Should extraction be absolutely warranted, ( such cases are rare ) utmost care should be exercised to preserve the bony plates and ridge and implant consult should ensue as soon as feasible. This is vital for anterior aesthetics as bone resorbs after extractions and can compromise results. Subsequent grafting is possible but adds to cost, morbidity, and length of treatment. Site preservation procedures should ideally be undertaken if implantation is to be delayed or deferred.

We can cater for a variety of proven implant systems and if you are unfamiliar, we can assist and guide you in prosthetic treatments in your own practice.


Within the scope of our focus, consultation and delivery of treatment should ensue expeditiously. It is the intention that patients requesting extractions to relieve pain or have had dento-alveolar trauma be seen same day when possible.

Fractured roots can be an inconvenience for both patient and dentist, delaying the dentist and can be economically disadvantageous and stressful for both parties. We welcome referrals for retrieval of fractured roots.

Whether you are absent due to illness, conference, or holiday or any other reason, you would have to close your practice, send your patients to a colleague or competitor, or take on a locum. Alternatively, your patients would have to suffer the wait for you if they have acute pain or trauma. Locums come & go and at times, their standard of care may not meet your level of expectation and so prior to leaving or upon your return, you may  have to deal with various issues including staffing, pay of staff & locums, familiarisation of staff to locums, and locum to surgery facilities & instrumentation and protocols. These are compounded with patient- locum issues, treatment issues, and liability. At Modern Dental solutions, we offer disassociated handling of your patients for their pain and surgical management, at the same time, forming part of a continuum of care that you will continue after their acute episode or other surgery has been addressed.

With this in mind, this practice is well placed to provide hand-in-hand care of your patients.