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' A Concept Focused and Dedicated Practice in Practise'

Our Focus and Dedication:

Relief of dental pain, dental implant surgery, implant crowns and bridge and implant retained dentures and prostheses, extractions, wisdom tooth removal, minor oral and dento-alveolar surgery. Advanced bone grafting for deficient bone cases is our area of expertise. If you've been told that you cannot have implants because of limited bone, call us for a consult before giving up. We may be able to help.

Our Concept:

Focus improves efficiency & skill resulting in improvement in the delivery of services and patient care. The surgery is intended to be a call-in and referral supported centre for relief of pain, extractions, implant treatments, surgical removal of teeth including wisdom teeth and other minor oral surgery. It is intended that you see your dentist for routine procedures and continuing treatment outside the scope of our focus. This places us well to take care of urgent and immediate needs such as acute pain, dento-alveolar trauma and dental implant needs at times when your dentist may not be able to fit you in at short notice or where your dentist does not offer  the services we provide.

Our Commitment:

» Relief of pain: Same day or next working day.

» Highest standard in implant surgery & prosthetics (Implant crowns, bridges & dentures).

» Infection control to highest standards.